Surround the pawns of your opponents on lines or columns and capture them


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Dec 9, 2019
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Draken GAME

Draken is a strategy board game, for two, three or four players (Red, Black, Green and Blue) that is played on an uncheckered 10x10 board.
The aim is to do capture of opponent pawns when surrounding them on a line or a column. One after the other, each player puts on a free case on the board a pawn of its color (or a rock or a tower).
The game ends when all the cases are fulfilled. The player which has the biggest number of pawns of its color on the board wins.

Draken has several variants : pawns, rocks, or towers randomly placed at beginning - towers.

Rocks are grey specific pawns that can't be captured.
Towers are colored specific pawns that can't be captured.

You can play alone, or with other people or with computer.

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