How to draw landscapes scenery with mountain, lake , river, trees and etc.

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Drawing Color Scenery Tutorial

Landscapes are not easy to draw. This short lesson will discuss some tips to help you attract them more easily. Actually there are only a few problematic areas that most people have, and that's what I'll discuss here.

How to draw landscape scenery with mountain and river

Gazing at the beauty of a scene for some people still has not quite filled the curiosity towards him. They sometimes choose to perpetuate it by incised the ink of perfection onto the holy blank sheets again pure.

Drawing color landscape scenery

The first thing have to do is figure out where the horizon line is. This will help you get the right perspective. Of course, it's less important if there is no architectural structure at the scene, but still important for composition. Determine whether the horizon line is high or low.

Draw Scenery with pencil

For maximum result, I recommend putting a horizon line either on a third or a quarter of the way up or down on the page and not in the middle. Now, let's work on perspective. Two great things to keep in mind with the landscape are the angles and angles of the atmosphere. With an atmospheric perspective, objects become lighter as they go further. This is because air contains particles that have fog-like volumes. If you see a mountain or hill so far away, it will almost blend into the sky.

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