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Selling a car is an extensive and uncertain process. One is never sure of their car’s real market value. Listing online leads to more time consumption, multiple calls, random meetings, price haggling etc. Dream Cars makes it easier, quicker and safer than ever to buy and sell used cars directly with other people. Evaluators can survey in market and add a list of cars for sale with the snap of a photo. Buyers and car dealers can see the published cars and directly contact the car publisher. Plus, because there’s no middleman, we’re saving customers thousands of dollars.

With the tap of one button, Evaluators can survey and list many used cars for sale in the Dream Cars marketplace.

Our Vision
Values and ethics of a company define how organized and structured an organization is. As a company, we have our own set of values that we believe in and abide by.

We don’t want our employees to be managed, but we want them to take control. At Dream Cars, we believe that a great workplace is defined not by the founders or top management but, by the number of ‘owners’ in the organization.

High standards and high results
We don’t settle for less, instead, we focus on more. At Dream Cars, we don’t gloat in what has been achieved but, focus on doing them even better

We won’t get successful until there is a strong and deep trust with each and every stakeholder. At Dream Cars, we don’t think we do everything today to say we are extremely trustworthy but, we are aware this is a key tenet of what we do, and we work hard with committed goals and timelines to ensure we are ever-improving.

Long Term
In our minds, we are clear that doing the best work of our lives will be a very long journey. At Dream Cars, we believe that we will succeed not just by achieving quarterly/ yearly milestones but, knowing that those milestones were achieved without zero compromises on our long-term plan.
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