Imaginarium of fairy Christmas Clocks in a delightful day and night illumination


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Feb 22, 2021

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Dreamery Clock APP

Delight with a stylish artistic collection of 7art Clock faces in a fabulous live animated wallpaper.
The Dreamery Clock is a magical tool to invite festive spirit into every passing second and let the miracle fill your heart with warmth and love.

Use double-tap gesture on your screen to open settings of the Dreamery Clock. You can combine any Clock face with any background theme. A lot of themes and clocks are great for Christmas season.

Сhoose any from 7 luminous backgrounds. You can sync an illumination with current time of a day of let it change at a desired speed.

Select any from 56 Clock faces. There are 6 themed collections suitable for children and adults: dreamery clock faces, star clock faces, snow crystal clock faces, plasticine Christmas clocks, Christmas tree toy clocks and Christmas house clocks. Clock faces are available in different colors and variations that can be used for developing children's attention skills and memory.

6 new clock faces have been just added to Dreamery Clock collection: Dream catcher clock, Classic clock, Tribal clock, Watercolor clock, Fiesta clock and Siesta clock.

Stay tuned! Many more free clock faces are going to be added later!

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