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Nov 11, 2022
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Dreamily, a creative AI companion for anyone seeking for new stories. You can create a world and start a story with this world, or speak with its characters.
「Example: The Dark Side」
Jackson is trying to win back his ex-girlfriend, Hope, whom he broke up with recently after an argument. On top of this, he also tries to keep a secret from her, which would ruin the relationship entirely if she found out. His secret is that he is a street fighter who fights for money, and he has no intention of stopping this lifestyle anytime soon.
Character Entry - Jackson: Jackson is a handsome man with dark hair and brown eyes. While he may seem like an average guy on the surface, underneath lies a fierce warrior. He's a underground fighter who uses his fists to make money, and he's very good at it. He isn't proud of what he does though, because it involves hurting people. As such, he keeps this hidden from most others, including Hope.

Highlight Features
1) Chat with your favorite characters!
Click the chat icon to start a conversation with characters you find interesting on the discovery page. You can also start a conversation with the character you created by clicking on “My Worlds” on the “Me” page.
2) Online now: Immersive voice calls, hear your characters’ voice
You can call your characters' exclusive companion anytime, anywhere, by clicking the “Voice Call” button on the character details page, or clicking the “Call” button on the chat page. When the call is over, you can listen to the recording of the call on the chat page, and relive the moment.
3) Create Your Own World
Click World to create your unique universe. You can add a story background to outline your world first. Then you can edit entries of important characters and objects to record world info. Additionally, you can set main inter-character relationships to help Dreamily produce continuations according to the logic of your world.
4) Multiverse, written by you and AI
When you click the writing button, Dreamily will give you three options for the following plot.
5) Multiple writing styles
Dreamily has a variety of built-in collaborative writing models — General, Romance, Fantasy, Pure Love. Choose one to set the style of your story. You can decide the length of the sentence that AI offers; You can also decide whether it is a full sentence.
6) Share your Creation
Click Share on the editor page and Dreamily will automatically generate an image of your story. And you can share your worlds with your friends via links and world IDs! Your friends will be able to view and reference the public version of your world. Hurry and invite your friends to come and play in your world!

To resolve a complaint regarding Dreamily or to receive further information regarding the usage of Dreamily, please email us at support@dreamily.ai or join us at https://discord.com/invite/esDncB8zbH (Discord)
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