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GamesDrift Race 3d Sprint™ APK
Version1.5 (15)
UpdatedJun 15, 2019 (10 months ago)
Release dateApr 25, 2019 (11 months ago)

Many people drive in real time. It's worth challenging all the world's drivers!

Drift Race 3d Sprint™ is a global multi-player race matching car racing free 3D game, the game style is simple, the game can be online and stand-alone, a variety of classic drift play, easy to operate! In the game, players can control the vehicle to complete perfect drift, complete drift race on a variety of tracks, fingertip sliding Click to feel the stimulating speed challenge, and can also use nitrogen and props to accelerate, curve overtaking to surpass the enemy to win the race championship. Make money, buy upgraded racing engines, update more powerful racing cars, unlock unknown tracks, challenge more powerful racing drivers, and challenge the highest record with global players!

How to play:
★ Only by clicking the "left and right" button to control the direction of the car's movement,
★ Using the drift action reasonably, accumulating more nitrogen, accelerating the sprint,
★ Overtaking the opponent in the curve, and winning the final victory.

Game features:
★ 99+ maps let you enjoy the real-time multiplayer game decisive battle, you need to unlock.
★ 30+ different types of racing cars waiting for you to drive
★ 20+ Skins for customizing your car.
★ 20+ Upgradable Automotive Parts: Engine, Turbine, Driver, Nitrogen Tank, Tire.
★ Form a fleet to play with friends; share honors.
★ Rankings: Multiple Matches Winning Cups Topping the Rankings.
★ Challenge mode: real-time multi-player matching mode, single-player mode, career mode, practice matching mode.

Game tips:
★ Accumulate more nitrogen by drift, and get more acceleration opportunities.
★ Overtaking in a curve is the key to your success in overtaking.
★ Rational Use of Nitrogen: Straight or Sprint End is the Best.
★ Skillful drift can help you surpass your opponent.
★ Pay attention to obstacles and water on the road, snow and avoid sideslip.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us and thank you for your support.

Drift Race 3d Sprint™ APK