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Drink Reminder - Water Tracker & Water Reminder app

Remind you to drink water every day, statistic the amount of water

Have you ever felt tired, headache, or even sick? One of the reasons that can cause fatigue and sickness is that you are not getting the necessary amount of water for your body. 70% of the body is water, 1 day you have to drink 2 - 3 liters of water, depending on the condition and location of each person, but the average is 2 liters of water a day.
Are you too busy with work, life and you forget that you have to recharge enough water during the day? Don't worry this app is here to do just that. "REMIND YOU TO DRINK". So how to drink when you use the whole drinking water, even coca or beer, coffee, tea? Do not worry, the application will calculate the amount of water you feed no matter what kind of water you use, even the soup you drink during your meal is considered drinking water.

DrinkingWater helps you determine the exact amount of water you need for your body when you provide enough data on your weight, height, age and gender.

Drinking water also helps you to choose the cup that you drink. It can be 200ml or 500ml or 1 liter ...

You can set a time for the app to remind you to drink water every day, and every 30 minutes, 60 minutes you'll need to refill a glass of water or the amount of water to make up for a long day of activity.

The benefits of drinking enough water are clear:
You will have a healthy body without sickness.
You have smooth skin because it replenishes the necessary amount of water for the body.
You keep your work efficiency high by adding enough water.
Detoxify the liver without having to work too much causing cirrhosis.
Body purification.

Main features of Daily Drink Reminder app:

Give the daily amount of water you need to drink as you stay fit
Your drinking cup options as well as what water you drink.
Remind the amount of water to drink after a period of time to get the amount you need to drink during the day.
Create daily reminders.
Statistics and advice for you after a period of using the application
Intuitive graph to see how much water you drink daily.
You can also turn off the daily water reminder if you are bothered or have already had enough water to drink (not recommended because you may miss out on water during the day)
Do you change body mass as your body gains or loses weight or height.

With the aim of giving users health, we hope the application will help people have a great health by providing enough water needed for the body. If you have any suggestions for better applications feel free to contact us so we can make this water reminder app even better.

Do not hesitate to rate us on the app. Your reviews and suggestions will help the app get better and better for users, for everyone's health.

Email: anguyenha0206@gmail.com

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