Dropping Monkeys 3D Board Game - Play Together. APK

Dropping Monkeys 3D Board Game - Play Together.


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NameDropping Monkeys APK
Version3.3 (24)
UpdatedJun 13, 2021
CategoryGames, Board

Dropping Monkeys 3D Board Game - Play Together. Game

Dropping Monkeys 3D - Play Together. You can enjoy with a family and friends.

This board game is a fun game where the person who drops the least monkey / chameleon will win.
"Monkey / Chameleon dropping" can be played by 2 to 6 people in turn, so family and friends can enjoy it together.
Do not be disappointed if there is no one you can do together.
If you do it alone, you can play with the CPU. The CPU will automatically play.
If you are lucky, you can still be a winner.
Play fun board games anytime, anywhere with the "Monkey / Chameleon Drop" app.
So have a good time.
* This application uses the physical engine of the device in real time, so it may be slower on low-end devices. It may be slower in versions below ICS 4.0.
* How to set the "Monkey / Chameleon Drop" game
1. Select the game stage. There are currently five stages to choose from.
2. Select the number of players. If you have to do it alone, please choose 1 person play. Then play with the CPU.
3. Specify the number of monkeys / chameleons in the game.
4. Specify the color of the dice. You can select 2, 3, or 6 colors.
   (If you want to play fast, choose 2 colors.)
* How to play "Monkey / Chameleon Drop" game.
1. Press the Start button to start the game.
2. Game order starts from "Player 1".
3. "Player 1" clicks the dice button. This will automatically throw the die.
4. When you throw a die to get a color, touch that stick to remove it.
5. Wait for the monkey / chameleon to fall and let the next person play. If it has not fallen, it is the next person's turn.
   (If the monkey / chameleon falls, the number in the player name increases.)
6. The next person also presses the dice button. Then remove the stick corresponding to the color of the dice.
   (If there is no stick color, move to the next player.)
7. Play until the monkey / chameleon falls.
8. When the monkey / chameleon falls, the game ends.
9. The player with the smallest number of monkeys / chameleons is the winner of the game.
* Type
1. Wait for the monkey / chameleon to fall. Then throw the dice.
2. The more colors you have, the more interesting it is.
3. Think about my next turn and remove the stick.
4. Do not give up. You can win the reversal.
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