Drunk Ragdoll APK

Experience interactive 3D drunk mode with realistic ragdoll and hobo physics!

Version1.3 (15)
UpdatedJul 02, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperSmooth Zenith Design
CategoryGames, Casual

Run through slums, dodge hobos and become the king of the streets!

NEW: Clear the street with grenades and watch out for DRUNK DRIVERS!

You have had a few drinks and now it’s time to go back home… or to the next bar. You start your journey but, as in a typical slum, the road seems to be filled with trash and junk blocking your way. You need to put your skills to test to avoid the obstacles and to not fail and fall flat on your face. Luckily you can just kick or run through smaller objects in your way and then find a magic potion to restore your balance. You can also jump over stuff but this also slightly reduces your balance!


You are not alone in the world as all kinds of drunks, bums, tramps, hobos and homeless people are occupying the streets, drinking beer and having the time of their life. Try to avoid wrestling with them; though you can choose to push your drunken buddy out of the way if he decides to block your path.

ZOMBIE MODE - Explosions throwing stuff everywhere and vile zombies roaming around! How long can you survive?

As you make progress you gain speed and the streets get even filthier. Also, your fellow drunks become more numerous which adds to the challenge. They walk mindlessly and are there mainly to cause trouble. Activate your drunk mode, put your skills to test and see how far you can get!

Super easy to play:
- Tilt your device left and right to avoid the obstacles and collect the magic potions
- Tap buttons to jump and throw grenades
- Keep running and beware of losing your balance, falling and ending up sleeping on the pavement!

Drunk Ragdoll Runner is an alcohol themed endless runner game featuring:
- Super cool 3D urban city environment
- Wacky drunk man simulator with realistic ragdoll physics
- Interactive environment as your ragdoll sandbox
- Smooth gameplay using just your accelerometer
- Third person intoxicated bum and hobo fighting
- High quality drunk animations and sound effects

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What's New

Reduced game size

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