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A simple but complete helper for all photographers.

Versionv.25 (29)
UpdatedFeb 12, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperFelix Barsnick
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DSLR CamCalc is a helper to calculate values ​​and settings related to photography. By day and night my app helps you create wonderful pictures during day and at night with clear and very useful features.

But this is no app to make or edit photos on your smartphone.

This can be calculated:
+ Maximum exposure time without star trails at night
+ Calculate the hyperfocal distance
+ Calculate the Depth of Field <<-- NEW
+ Calculate the critical aperture to avoid diffraction blur << -- NEW
+ How to adjust the exposure time to a modified ISO and aperture
+ Extension of the exposure time for up to three neutral density filters
+ Calculate sun / moon rise and set for any date and location << -- NEW
+ Determine the stereo basis for 3D Photos

The following sensorsizes are now supported:
+ Fullframe
+ APS-C Canon
+ APS-H Canon
+ DX Nikon
+ CX Nikon
+ Sony/Pentax APS-C
+ (Micro-)Four-Thirds

This app is in constant change, I appreciate any user feedback and always keep that in mind for my app updates.

In the latest version, the permission to access GPS is added.
The GPS position is only used for sun and moon rise and set calculation and not otherwise.
This app uses anonymous user tracking by Flurry. Visit their website for more information www.flurry.com

What's New

Important bugfix to prevent crashes on new Android versions.

Email: fbarsnick@gmail.com

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