Dual Simplex APK

Solve the dual simplex very quickly and easily

Version1.7.3 (22)
UpdatedNov 23, 2019 (8 months ago)
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The dual simplex method allows solving linear programming problems, the constraint systems of which, with a positive basis, contain free terms of any sign. This method reduces the number of transformations of the constraint system, as well as the size of the simplex table.

Application Features
- Special keyboard for more convenient data entry;
- Full, step by step description of solutions;
- Ability to save decisions;
- Ability to edit saved solutions
- Works without access to the Internet

web version - https://linprog.com/main-dual-simplex

Keywords: Matrix games,
special maths, simplex method,
the traveling salesman problem, the dual task,
dynamic programming

Email: hmla.sup@gmail.com

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