Dungeons & Rhythms - Greek mythology musical game APK

Musical rhythm game about the minotaur's labyrinth of the classic greek folklore

Version0.7 (200007)
UpdatedJan 18, 2020 (1 year ago)
CategoryGames, Arcade

Dungeon & Rhythm is a musical game.

Play as the minotaur of the greek mythology games, in a dungeon crawler maze game, trying to escape the prison exploring all the rooms of the deadly labyrinth of Creta Island.

Your journey will test your quick reflexes in a bullet hell music game while you follow back the Ariadne's thread to the promised paradise.

Crawl through a lot of different rooms (similar to roguelike games) with a lot of different enemies and folklore heroes and villains.

• Explore the minotaur maze of the greek mythological stories.
• Complete your mythological creatures encyclopedia.
• A rhythmic paradise for all those lovers of the free musical games.
• Easy controls.
• High difficulty room paths. Choose your own way.
• Musical game for kids and adults.
• Minimalistic pixel art style.
• No intrusive ads.

Email: contact@heynaugames.com

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