Finds and removes duplicate media files (images, audio and video)


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Jun 17, 2016

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Duplicate Media Remover APP

The application removes all duplicate media (audio, images and videos) files present in your internal (phone memory) and external storage (SD card).

1. Only folders (both internal memory and SD Card) that have been selected for scans are searched for duplicates. No files are deleted from any of deselected folders.

2. Each individual file that has duplicates can be marked for deletion including the original file. Verify that the selected files are the ones you definitely want to remove because they cannot be retrieved once deleted.

3. Scans can be scheduled on a weekly basis, allowing one scan per day.

4. The stats of the last run scan can be shared with your friends and family.

5. The cumulative stats across all scans are maintained for your reference.

6. Additionally, the application performs routine searches for duplicates. This improves the speed of subsequent scans and you're also notified if any duplicates are found.
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