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Durga Amritwani

The universal mother seems to be saying to all her devotees: 'Surrender all actions and duties onto me and I shall lift you from your all troubles '.

Goddess Shri Durga a super powerful deity ‘ Shakti’ in Hindu is worship in various forms corresponding to her to aspects benevolence and fierceness.

Goddess Durga emerged from the combined energies of the Gods Brahma ( the Creator), Vishnu,( the Preserver), and Shiva( the Destroyer), in order to battle the demon called Mahisasura. As legend goes, the demon Mahisasura was awarded the boon that he could neither be killed by man of God. Even Brahma ( the Creator), Vishnu,( the Preserver), and Shiva( the Destroyer) also failed to stop him Therefore the presence of a feminine energy was required to massacre this demon that caused much destruction in all the three worlds – Earth, Heaven and nether world.
Goddess Durga was gifted different weapons by all the Gods, out of which the spear and trident have most commonly been depicted in her images. She is also seen holding the Sudarshan chakra, sword, bow and arrow and other weapons.

Features available in application

1. Clear audio voice for Meditation
2. Backward & forward buttons
3. Media player seek bar to scroll the media track with time duration
4. Set as wallpaper
5. Set as Ringtone
6. Set as Alarm
7. Set as Notification
9. Application share option
10. Flowers & leaf fall option
11. Temple Bell Sound
12. Shankh sound

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version 8.0.0

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