E-ANBAI(just right) APK

Satisfy your guests with just the right water temperature!

Version1.0.2 (4)
UpdatedMar 04, 2016 (5 years ago)
CategoryGames, Casual

Show hospitality to the quirky guests who ease into your bath by adjusting the temperature of the water until it’s “E-ANBAI(just right)”!

■How to Play
Pay close attention to your bathing guests and the steam from the water, then carefully raise or lower the temperature. You raise or lower the temperature by carefully yet quickly swiping hot and cold water faucets. How you handle the faucets is the key to satisfying your customers!

■Nude Men Collection!
The customers you’ve satisfied will be showcased in your… g-gulp… “Nude Gallery”, full of one-of-a-kind men. The physical beauty of these dynamic males is on display, with the data on their total number of visits, rate of refreshing, and more, all recorded for posterity. Very popular with game completists!

■Deck out the facility in luxury!
Use the collected bathing fees to buy equipment that will wrap your bathhouse in the lap of luxury.
Moreover, the equipment will work well, depending on game situation and the faucets!
The collectible items for “E-ANBAI(just right)” are a little different than any other game, but they’re fun to collect and view!

■You never know what will happen at the bathhouse!
Quirky guests and various happenings are waiting for you!
But if you do a good job dealing with them, you can make a mint in bathing fees!

■Surprisingly went to market!
The 6th place winner of game design contest PERACON 2013 at Japan’s Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC) went straight to the app marketplace!

What's New

Reduce the time it takes to recover the "open hours".

The increase in the flyer that is available in the game.

Adjust the lineup of the shop.

*If you update from a previous ver,
Possession flyer increase in the number of double.

Email: webmaster_a@iprope.com

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