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Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan or also known as (DISPUSIP) of Bandung City has a purpose as a public library to foster and develop reading and learning habits, as a continuous process for life as well as, the physical and spiritual freshness of people who are within the reach of DISPUSIP services.

To be able to achieve these objectives, DISPUSIP Bandung City has the main task of collecting, storing, maintaining and organizing library materials. In addition to utilizing or managing it through a service system for the benefit of education, information, research, preservation and development of culture and recreation of all layers and classes of society without discriminating national origin, language, age, gender, religion, social position and background education. In order to be able to carry out services or management that is appropriate, fast and easy. Therefore, all library activities should be carried out systematically and in a standard manner based on library science.

The success of Bandung City DISPUSIP is measured by the level of ability to carry out its function as a center for learning activities as well as a center for information, research and recreation services for the people of Bandung. For this reason DISPUSIP of the City of Bandung requires the development of appropriate services, which pay attention to a combination of aspects of the location of buildings, rooms and collections of library materials in harmony and balance. In order to be successful in its implementation tasks, it needs to be managed by a number of library staff who are educated, skilled and understand the needs of the community.

To realize our purpose, Bandung City DISPUSIP seeks to develop a collection of library materials, especially reading books such as monographs and electronic books (e-Books) which are expected to continue to grow and improve both quality and quantity. In the case of procurement of library materials in the development of collections must pay attention to users of library services or library users and the purpose and mission carried out to serve all layers and diverse groups of people.

Procurement of electronic book library materials (e-Book) is intended to pay attention to diverse library needs that need to be considered especially by library management officers, that the procurement of library materials does not only meet certain strata of society. But other groups or layers must be considered. Bearing in mind the Bandung City Government is designing a Child Friendly City (Child Friendly Library), an Innovative and Creative City namely the Library in the Box, Reading Carts and Mobile Libraries through the Hospitality Book activities.

Each library has a duty to build a diverse collection for the benefit of users. Information needs are given as well as user satisfaction depends a lot on the availability of collections in the library. Although the services provided are maximum, the visitors will not feel fulfilled if they are not supported by the collection needed. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an electronic book collection (e-Book) which aims to develop a good and balanced library collection.

For further information, please contact: dispusip@bandung.go.id

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