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Save yourself the hassle of carrying multiple road permits, transit passes and delivery challans – Generate an e-Way Bill online which covers it all.

But before we get to what this e-Way Bill app, what is an e-Way Bill?
- An e way bill is a document which can be generated online, and is required by the person in charge of the transportation for the movement of goods exceeding ₹ 50,000 in total value. This GST e way bill replaces a number of road permits, statutory forms, transit pass requirements and delivery challans that you would otherwise need while moving and transporting goods from one location to another.

Generate e waybills, quickly and conveniently

e-Way Bill is among the key GST apps you should have on your mobile. It is an easy and highly convenient e-waybill app that lets you generate e-Way bills for moving and transporting goods in India which exceed the goods value limit of ?50,000. Avoid the tedious and time-consuming way of GST e-way bill generation, as this e-Way Bill system allows you to generate ewaybills quite effortlessly, that too 100% online – no hassle of paperwork whatsoever!

Key Features of the e-Way Bill app

Multiple Language Support
- To make the e-way bill app easy to use, multiple languages are supported. You have the option to choose from 10 regional languages.

Link Multiple Accounts
- You can sign in to multiple accounts at once using your mobile number, to generate e waybills.

Manage your part-A slips and e-Way Bills
- You can create an e-Way Bill or consolidate your e-Way Bills within a minute with fast and easy-to-use forms within this e way bill system. You can also add or change the vehicle details on a listed e-Way Bill, a scenario that is quite possible and common in real-time, with this GST e way bill app.

Generate e-Way bills Online, Offline or in Bulk
- Get online as well as offline support to generate an e waybill. Additionally, this e waybill app also allows you to generate e waybills in bulk, as and when required.


Why is an e-Way Bill needed?
- As mandated by Section 68 of the Goods and Services Tax Act, the Government may require the individual in charge of carrying any consignment of goods of value exceeding the amount of ₹50,000 may be specified to carry the requisite e-way bill with him, for smooth movement. This e waybill app lets you generate an e waybill do that in a matter of minutes.

How can you generate the e-Way Bill from different registered business places?
- The registered individual can generate an e-Way Bill from his account from any registered business place. However, while doing that, he/she would need to enter the address accordingly in the e-Way Bill. For greater convenience, he/she can also create multiple sub-users assigned to these business places, and generate e-Way Bills accordingly through this e way bill system.

Can the e-Way Bill be cancelled? If yes, then under what circumstances?
- Yes, an e-Way Bill can be cancelled using this GST e waybill app in the following two instances –
- If the goods are not transported, or
- The good are not transported as per the details given in the e-Way Bill

Is there any validity period for an e-Way Bill?
- The validity of an e-Way Bill generated using this GST app for e way bills depends upon the distance for which the goods need to be transported. In general, the validity is 24 hours for up to 100 km, and for every 100 km or part thereafter, it is one additional day.

What modes can a registered individual use to generate e-Way Bills?
- An e-Way Bill can be generated by a registered individual through any one of the following modes: -
- Using the Web based system
- Using SMS based facility
- Using the Android e waybill App
- Using Site-to-Site integration

How can a registered individual use the SMS facility to generate an e-Way Bill?
- To do that, he/she must register the mobile number(s) through which he/she wants to generate e-Way Bills through the e-Way Bill system.

Email: support@ewaybillgst.in

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