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“Early Literacy” offers 24 videos, 120 games & AR game on early literacy skills.

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"Early Literacy" provides different levels of literacy activities to help young children learn Chinese effectively, and master the literacy-related cognitive and perceptual skills, including oculomotor control & visual perception, phonological awareness, morphological awareness, orthographic awareness, pre-writing & writing skills.

"Early Literacy" is developed by SAHK professional team. The content is evidence-based and context-based. The characters are chosen from the local curriculum. There are videos and interesting games to enhance children’s learning motivation. This upgraded app provides new functions including Augmented Reality (AR) game, dashboard for viewing learning progress, upload & download game data backup. Time limit setting is also available in the app.

"Early Literacy" can be used together with “The Early Literacy Learning Package 2” published by SAHK to make learning more comprehensive.

Target population:
1. Preschool children (K1-K3).
2. Older children with learning level approximate to K1-K3.

Content and characteristics:
There are 6 themes in the app, each theme contains 4 parts:

1. Theme videos
- Theme story video: Help children learn to use the targeted Chinese characters in daily communication
- Videos on story comprehension (basic & advance levels) and nursery rhyme reading: Facilitate development of listening, speaking & reading skills

2. Interactive literacy games
"Early Literacy" provides 21 different types of games. Children have to open the 8 basic games (K1-K2 level) before they can enter the more advance games (K2-K3 level).

The games designed for each of the literacy-related cognitive and perceptual skills are listed below:
i. Oculomotor control & visual perception
- Basic games
【Swift Eyes and Hands】:training on saccadic eye movement
【Running Balloon】:training on pursuit eye movement
【Look and Find】:training on visual discrimination & visual figure-ground
【Checkers】:training on visual spatial relationships
- Advance games
【Locomotive】:training on visual memory & visual sequential memory
【Line Chaser】:training on visual figure-ground
【Treasure Hunting】:training on visual form constancy
【Hide and Seek】:training on visual closure

ii. Orthography-phonology-semantic mapping (Only Basic game is provided)
【Voice Recording Fairy】:training on orthography-phonology-semantic mapping

iii. Phonological awareness
- Basic games
【Shake Shake Word Bowling】:training on character-syllable correspondence
【Miracle Speakers】:training on homophone & rhyme detection
- Advance game
【Monster of Word Eating】:training on syllable deletion

iv. Morphological awareness (Only Advance games are provided)
【Wonderful Fish】:training on word formation
【Monster of Word Creation】:training on morpheme addition & word formation
【Vocabulary Magician】:training on morphological construction

v. Orthographic awareness (Only Advance games are provided)
【Gluttonous Dino】:training on relationship between semantic radical and meaning of the character (Theme 1-3)
【Parachute Jump】:training on relationship between phonetic radical and pronunciation of the character (Theme 4-6)

vi. Pre-writing & writing skills
- Basic game
【Happy Bus】:training on eye-hand coordination
- Advance games
【Stroke Order Board】:training on stroke writing
【Character Structure Pairing】:training on character structures
【Family of Logographmes】:training on logographme combination of Chinese characters

3. Mysterious reward
The mysterious clearance reward system motivate children play different games repeatedly, so as to enhance the effectiveness of learning. Facebook sharing and photo taking functions are also provided.

4. AR game
By using specific single-word cards to build the target vocabulary, related animation and pronunciation will appear after scanning! Through AR game, young children can integrate and apply different early literacy skills.

Warning: This App includes AR function and recommended to use with your parents in an open area to avoid danger.

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