A tiny dot in the emptiness of space. This is our home. This is all we have.


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Oct 21, 2022
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Earth & Moon 3D Live Wallpaper APP

Earth & Moon puts a high-resolution 3-dimensional image of the earth as seen from space right on your home screen. The 3D perspective changes dynamically with the movement of the device ("Parallax Effect"), creating an incredibly real 3D view!

By repeatedly comparing our live-wallpaper with many real images of the earth from space, we have adjusted the graphics to look as closely to reality as possible, while still maintaining virtually no impact on battery: clouds hover over the earth and even cast shadows, the sun reflects off the sea surface, Cities light up the sky at night,...

But enough said: Just try it yourself, and marvel at the blue marble!

Have fun with it 😊 We hope you like it!

By the way: Try looking at the wallpaper with one eye closed and the 3D effect will be even stronger. Amazing but true!

One more thing: credit where credit is due:
Milkyway by ESO / S. Brunier, licensed under CC BY 3.0; Earth textures from Nasa Visible Earth; Moon textures courtesy of USGS Astrogeology Science Center
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