East Front APK + OBB

World War 2. Infantry, tanks & airplanes.

Version0.53 (200004)
UpdatedApr 26, 2020 (5 months ago)
DeveloperThorium Game Lab
CategoryGames, Action

I am a 1 man developer. This game is a work in progress, please expect bugs and some incomplete content.

Take command of units and lead them into battle to conquer the enemy strongholds.
Order your units to follow, stay, or charge the enemy lines.
Gain resources to build a wide range of defenses, weapons, and vehicles.

Intense ww2 battles with hundreds of units to command and destroy!
Fight on dynamic battlefields or create your own maps and battles in sandbox mode.


★ Campaign Mode.
★ Sandbox Mode.
★ FPS with command of units.
★ All vehicles, artillery and airplanes are operable by player.
★ Axis Tanks: Panzer III, Panzer IV, Tiger I, Stug III, SdKfz 251.
★ Soviet Tanks: KV1, KV2, T26, T28, T34, OT130, SU76, BA10M.
★ Katyusha rocket launcher, rocket artillery and Panzerfaust.
★ Build fortifications, buildings, vehicles and weapons.
★ Destructible terrain, trees, structures.
★ Original voice-acting in Russian.
★ Fast loading Maps.
★ 100% offline game. No internet required.

What's New

Screen resolution / UI optimization.
Faster player turning speed.
Airplane throttle improved.

New player weapons:
Panzerschreck Rocket Launcher.
PzB-39 AT Rifle.
PTRD-41 AT Rifle.
Minor bug-fixes.

Tank Commands (Follow, Patrol, Guard, Attack).
Panzerfaust Infantry.
AT Rifle PTRS-41 Infantry.
AP and AT Mines.
Rocket artillery units and Panzerfaust improved.
Bug fixes.
Audio-Level option.

Email: thoriumgamelab@gmail.com

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