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Easy Battery Calibration, Repair and Protect APK

🔋🔋 Calibrate, charge and repair your battery easily and leave it as new

🔋🥴 If you love your smartphone but for some time, the battery is not able to reach the end of the day, has lost charging power or does strange things, download Easy Battery Calibration, repair and protect to give a new life to your phone.

Throughout the life of our devices móviles📱📱, we acquire a series of habits that cause the battery of our phones, are losing charging capacity and show different errors such as incomplete charging, the battery is immediately exhausted and many others.

Today's batteries use lithium ions to store energy, but due to our misuse they degrade throughout the charge and discharge cycles. There are several things we can do to prevent this degradation and thus extend as much as possible the life of the battery.

Inside our application you will find several tips to slow down the degradation of the battery, such as avoiding fast charges, as well as using backgrounds with animations, have greater control over the activation of wifi, bluetooth, etc. ...

Also, don't leave your phone charging all night because lithium can crystallize and the battery can lose useful life.

You should also avoid extreme temperatures as this can damage your device's battery. Both cold and heat in extreme temperatures are not good for your phone. The ideal is to keep it between 16 and 22 º C, in our app you will find a thermometer to know what temperature is the terminal.

Try not to get dust or any other dirt in the battery area or contact areas.

Prevents your phone from completely discharging, partial charges are better on lithium-ion batteries and only fully discharges your battery once a month, in addition to performing our battery calibration process also once a month.

Main features of Easy Battery Calibration, repairs and protects:

✅ Quick and easy process
✅ Intuitive interface
✅ Totally Free and Safe
✅ Press a button and calibrate your battery

🔽 🔽 Download our app and enjoy in a few minutes and in simple steps, a new battery for your Smartphone or Tablet.

Learn how to use your phone properly so that the battery lasts until the end of the day.


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