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Piano is a musical instrument that is a line of tone boards that form a sequence of tagga tones, played by both hands with ten fingers in turn or simultaneously by pressing the keys that produce tones and melodies and harmonious chords. Piano is divided into two types namely Piano acoustic and Piano electric. The acoustic piano is a piano whose sound is produced from the earpiece (resonation) inside the piano body. The sound is generated from the strings in it without the help of electric current just like the acoustic guitar. While the electric piano is a piano whose sound is generated with the help of electric current (electric). Typically, electric piano plays are patterned with the use of sound effects that can produce different types of piano sounds. Piano is a musical instrument that can be categorized instrument of the oldest and most expensive in the world, looks like a simple but indeed the fact like that. Lots of the world's most legendary musicians whose names have exploded up to now because of the piano. In order to play the Piano the most basic or the main thing we must understand what is Chord and Not, and how to apply it in the instrument itself. we need to know the fingers we use usually to suppress the chord is a little finger, index and thumb. The little finger for the first note, for the second note and the thumb for the third note. usually for the placement of a finger like this depends on the comfort of each of us, but most people do feel more comfortable using the 3 fingers above for the basic chord. in this application we give some examples of piano chords for beginners picture that you can make reference for you learn piano at your own home.
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