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Do your kids like engineering and science? Were not surprised: its super cool to make stuff that actually does stuff! Here are many fun DIY engineering projects just for kids that you and your family will enjoy.

One of the great things about doing these DIY projects is that kids actually learn how things work from gravity, physics and other science concepts. Its not just about creating the DIY but making it do something and you can launch the rocket or sail the boat again and again.

Notice what science concepts your child is learning in school and which STEM DIY and engineering projects you can do in the home so they can really have fun learning about it. There is a huge difference between reading a dull textbook and making a marble maze or building a cool paddle boat! Happy DIYing!

Homemade Wigglebot

Spark your kids interest in STEM with this cool robot. Its made with simple materials.

Science for Kids Build a Paddle Boat

This is a classic engineering project. It also makes bathtime a lot of fun!

Propeller Car

Heres a fun engineering project. Make a propeller car that goes & goes!

How to Make a Cardboard Box Marble Labrinth Game

Try this engineering project as a family, it is great for little ones who like to play with marbles. But anyone will enjoy seeing how this puzzle works!

Rubberband Helicopters step by step

This is a fun engineering project. Try this and make your DIY helicopter fly!

DIY Catapults for Kids

With simple popsicle sticks you can create a fun engineering project. This is great for young and older kids alike.

Straw Rockets

How far will your straw rockets fly? Give this engineering project a try with your little ones!

Rainbow Jar

Bright and colorful, this is not just fun but also a science experiment. Do this with your kids!

Paper Airplane Launcher

Like to see your paper planes fly! Watch them really soar with this great launcher!

Slingshot Rockets

A perfect project to do in a big field where you can watch the rocket really fly! Learn all about engineering.

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