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Have a spring fling - silk tulips daffodils and lupine 'bloom' in an ivy-covered cone of STYROFOAM™ Brand foam.

Completion time – 2-4 hours

12" x 5" cone, one
1" ball, one

Other Materials
Silk flowers and greenery: pansies, 36; yellow daf
lavender tulips, five; blue lupine, three; large
variegated ivy, one bunch
Chenille stems, two
3" wooden floral picks
1-1/4" lavender sheer wire-edge ribbon, 3 yd.
6" wooden skewer

Latex gloves
Spray adhesive
Wire cutters
Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks or thick white c

1. Press foam cone against a rigid surface to flatten one side so
it will hang properly against a wall or door. Insert a skewer into
tip of cone to prevent it from breaking.

2. Remove and discard plastic veins from large silk leaves. Place
leaves face down on layered newspaper. Wearing latex gloves, spray
backs of leaves and foam cone with adhesive. When adhesive is
tacky to the touch, press and smooth leaves onto cone overlapping
them slightly. Continue adding leaves until sides of foam are covered.

3. Twist ends of a chenille stem together to form a loop. Insert
loop into flat side of cone at center top and glue for a hanger.

4. Push foam ball on tip of cone and glue. Glue pansy blossoms
covering ball.

5. When arranging flowers, use photo as a guide. Gently shape
stems for a natural appearance. If necessary, attach wooden picks
to flowers for added length. Dip stems into glue before inserting
them into foam cone.

Lupine: Cut lupine into one 8", one 10", and one 15" stem. Insert
15" stem into top left of cone, 8" stem in center, and 10" stem
trailing down left side.

Tulips: Cut tulips into one 12", one 10", and three 8" stems.
Insert 12" stem to right of tallest lupine. Insert 10" tulip
trailing down right side of cone. Insert 8" stems filling in
center of design.

Daffodils: Cut daffodils into one 8", two 6", and three 4" stems.
Insert 8" daffodil below tallest tulip. Insert remaining daffodils
in center of design.

Pansies/Ivy: Fill in around previous flowers with pansies and ivy.
Glue one stem of ivy trailing down front of cone and then a pansy
to the trailing ivy.

6. Cut ribbon into three 1-yd. lengths. Attach wooden picks to the
ends of two ribbons. Insert these picks into cone around flowers
to form graceful ribbon loops. Glue remaining ribbon trailing down
right side of arrangement. Trim "V's" in ribbon ends.
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