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Jun 13, 2022

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About the Company
You are getting associated with a reputed, govt. authorized, financial services provider operating in India since 2013 to make Digital India come true. The goal of the company is to help retailers (like yourself) to get new & repeat footfall in your store, save you the hassle and cost of bank cash burial charges and instead earn money on top of it.

Why should retailers do this business
All retailers sell products from their store and receive money in cash from customers – this money, the retailer has to then go and deposit in the bank (for which he has to spend his time away from store, spend money on petrol and cost of cash deposit that the bank charges) to ultimately pay for goods that he buys from distributors, suppliers, etc – we solve this retailer pain point so that retailer never has to leave his store, still his money gets digitally deposited in his own bank account and retailer like yourself makes money instead of spending money on this same cash! How do we do it – we make you, the retailer, “sabhi bank ka ATM”! So now you become the neighboured ATM where customer of any bank can come and withdraw money from his bank account through you!

Can I become a Sabhi Bank ka ATM?
If you run a retail business outlet and have an android phone – you certainly can! (Subject to T&C’s)

I am interested, what do I do next?
It’s simple –
1- Download & install the Easy Pay app from playstore
2- Register on the app by providing KYC documents/details
3- Start earning money

Once your KYC is verified and we have received your sign-up fees, when you subscribe or order for any devices then we will send you the ATM kit to your store address (so ensure you put the correct address when signing-up) The kit will have welcome letter, an authorized agent 3D board with your store’s name on it (so ensure you spell your store name correctly), a bio-metric authentication device used for cash dispensing with necessary cable to connect it to your android mobile phone (that has the Easy Pay app installed).

How much will I earn?
Your earning are proportional to the number of customers that you serve or simply put, the number of cash withdrawal transactions that you do with your system on a daily basis.
Example* - if you do 10 transactions per day , you can earn Rs.2,700 monthly and Rs. 32,400 yearly.
*Income excludes savings created for retailers as a result of removal of cash deposit charges incurred by retailer from their respective banks as the cash dispensed get digitally credited to retailer. Average transaction value of Rs 2500 considered for this example, with the assumption that retailer has equivalent cash available in his galla to dispense for enabling cash withdrawal service for his customers. Actual results may vary based on retailers’ efforts.

Reach us on:
Website: www.easypay.in

T&C Applied.
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