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Nov 20, 2023


Healthy cooking has never been so easy! 🥗🍳

EAT SMARTER offers over 10,000 hand-picked recipes developed by nutrition experts and implemented by professional chefs.

Our app offers a variety of features that make cooking healthy meals a breeze. Here's an overview of what you can expect:

- Learn how healthy a recipe really is by using our proprietary Health Score.
- Search by keyword in the recipe search and refine with custom filters.
- Find the perfect recipe from over 100 categories in seconds thanks to the innovative quick finder.
- Save favorite recipes in your personal cookbook and add your own notes.
- Keep track of the ingredients you need by saving them to the integrated grocery list.
- Discover thematically sorted recipe collections like "Low Carb Dinner" or "Baking without Refined Sugar."
- Whether you're a vegetarian or vegan, a fan of low-carb, interval fasting, or the Mediterranean diet, we've got something for everyone.

Proprietary Health Score
Every recipe in our app is more than just a simple recipe. It comes with a special "Health Score" that shows how healthy the recipe really is on a scale from 0 (very unhealthy) to 100 (very healthy). This way, you can make conscious choices and adjust them based on your individual health needs.

Free recipe search with filters
Do you often find yourself asking, "what am I cooking today?" Well, our app has the answer! Just enter keywords and refine the results with custom filters to find the perfect recipe. For example, you can filter by calories or preparation time and even include or exclude ingredients from the search, depending on what you have in your fridge.

Variety is our promise
No matter what diet you follow, we've got you covered. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten- or lactose-free, low-carb, interval fasting, or follow the Mediterranean diet - our app has a wide range of recipes ready for you. Get inspired!

Innovative quick finder
Time is precious, especially when you’re hungry. Thanks to our Quick Finder, you can choose the perfect recipe from over 100 categories in no time and start cooking.

Personal cookbook
Did you find your new favorite recipe? Save it in your personal cookbook and add your own notes to it.

Grocery list
Head to the grocery store organized, and never forget an ingredient again! With our grocery list feature, you can plan your meals ahead and always keep track of the ingredients you need.

Our app not only makes cooking easier but also healthier and more varied. Try it out now!

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In today's flood of news and information, it's not always easy to keep track of what is and isn’t actually healthy for us when it comes to food.

As the largest publisher of healthy nutrition in Germany, we deal with this every day and offer the latest scientific findings and social trends in an easy-to-understand way for you.

At, we provide you with tens of thousands of smart recipes, which include nutritional values and a health score so you can see at first glance how healthy a recipe is and for which diet it is suitable.

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