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What would you rather? Install 30 separate educational games for you kids with unknown qualities or install just 1 game and have access to more than 30 educational online games all in one place and with high quality? If you choose the latter, you’ve come to the right place.

Educational Online Games, as the name suggests, contains more than 30 different game for children to improve different skills of your kids.

Playing these educational games, your kids get to improve their memory skills, fast reflection skills, matching puzzle skills, recalling skills, as well as math, logic and spelling skills and a lot more.

They also get to learn more about different subjects, including flags of different countries, new words, insects, animals, sea creatures, figures, shapes and colors.

High Quality Graphics with User-Friendly Interface and Optimized Memory Usage
One of the best features of Educational Online Games that makes it stand out from other educational games is the super user-friendly interface.

Unlike other games for kids, you don’t need to supervise your kids while playing the game. Because all the external links are parent-proofed, and the interface is so simple that your kids can easily get a hold of it, after a couple of tries.

The quality of the games is just superb and comes with a clean and neat design. Other than having high quality games, the games come with engaging and cool sound effects, which makes playing the games more fun and pleasant without getting board.

And last, but definitely not the least, is about the memory usage. Just imagine the amount of data and memory you had to use for installing 30 different games. But, since all these games for kids are in one place, you’ll spend less memory and data to enjoy playing them.

Note that, you are strongly advised to be connected to a wireless network to play the games, as you may be charged for extra if being on a limited mobile data plan.

Here is the list of some of the educational games that children can play online for free:
- ABC Jump: a fun jump and collect game to learn more about letters of alphabet
- Tile Matching Games: different matching puzzle games to improve your memory and learn more about letters, birds, farm animals, insects, wild animals, sea animals, numbers and more
- Memory Art: it improves your memory by getting you to memories the color sequence and repeat it in the right order
- Sumagi: to learn more about Mathematical operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
- Word Guess and Four Letters Word: To learn new words by guessing the right answer or creating meaningful 4-letter words

Educational Online Games Main Features at a Glance:
- Super user-friendly interface
- High quality graphics with amazing sound effects
- More than 30 educational games for kids (more to come soon)
- Improve wide of range of kids’ skills in different skills
- Useful for kids from 1 to 7 years
- Cool quizzes, puzzles and challenges to learn and have fun
- All the game are available for FREE

So, Educational Online Games offers everything you should expect from such online games of kids and it even sets the bar to a higher level. You no longer need to worry about installing so many games just for your kids and run out of memory, as you install just One game and have free access to more than 30 educational games. All the games are safe for kids and the user friendly interface and secure environment enable your kids to play for hours without being at any risk.

It’s time to improve your children’s skills in different aspects of life and let them have fun. Your kids deserve the best, and this app can be easily named as the best companion for your toddlers, kindergarten kids, pre-school boys or school girls.

Download Educational Online Games for free and let us know about any bugs, feature requests or any other suggestions. Your feedback is important to us and stay tuned for so many new games, fun puzzles and challenges.

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