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Mobile Subscriber Details Record Analysis System

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UpdatedApr 15, 2016 (5 years ago)
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“EKLAVYA” envisaged and instituted by Dilip Thakor, PSI, Crime Branch, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, now a towering hallmark in the Domain Of Crime Analysis, Detection & Prevention, is a riveting haven embracing an assemblage of Softwares assiduously unleashed by Mr. Dilip with the prime objective of ‘Crime Detection & Crime Prevention’. In today’s rapidly changing Communications Technology Era, where Mobile Phone has more or less become an inescapable basic necessity for almost every Individual, Mr. Thakor’s loaded & lauded core contributions exercised thru’ his steadfast enthusiasm, determined dedication and relentless exertions can most certainly be considered as a revolutionizing & gigantic leap towards modernizing and elevating the Police Dept. & equipping every Investigating Officer with technology driven, up-to-date, 24X7, hands-on, easily accessible, economically viable, practically useful, logical, speedy, accurate & trustworthy digital solutions.

Eklavya-SDR Application, one of the key applications developed under this reliable Eklavya brand, initially embarked upon as a ‘Desktop Version’ with its scope limited to ‘Gujarat Data’, thereafter replicated as a Mobile App [Android Platform] to come to grips with the changing technology scenario, having witnessed paramount success is now all set out to be re-launched in its brand “new avatar” in an advanced version with additional features, this time, both on the Android, as well the iOS Platforms & covering ‘All India SDR Data’. This application would empower the Crime Investigation Officer to on the spot, within a fraction of seconds, get hold of the required Subscriber Details Record right from his/ her mobile device, thus enabling him to smoothly, swiftly & skilfully get to the roots of any investigation & thereby facilitate him to track and trap the Criminals as most of the crimes/ criminal activities, directly or indirectly, invariably involve the use of phones in executing the Criminal Operation.


This Application can be accessed by the registered/authorised user from their registered/authorised mobile device on 24x7 bases.

Plz. Also note that usage of this APP is Restricted ONLY to Authorized Officials of the Police Force ABOVE The Rank of PSI.

Email: dilipthakor@icloud.com

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