EL-K : Electric Key Head Man APK

An retro epic platformer adventure . Jump & run through this neon sidescroller

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UpdatedOct 13, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Get ready to play this retro inspired adventure. It’s all about the bright neon lights and running around. Play FREE today!

EL-K : Electronic Key Head Man is an adventure game where you go looking for keys to open the end door. Your head is the holder of keys and you need to arrange the keys in the right order to open the door.

EL-K is a sidescroller type game where you need to find all the key parts. There are crates to move around. You will need to find the right place to put the crates so you can jump to secrete spots. There are small doors you can open with different color key parts.

EL-K also has stars to collect, but you will need to find secret passageways to get them all. The stars are not easy to get. You might be looking for hours, but it will be an arcade adventure like you haven’t played before.

Also, want platformer wouldn’t be complete without double jump to help you navigate the spikes? Spikes are bad! There are also platforms that disintegrate, so one jump on them is fine, but the second jump is the end of the platform.

EL-K : Electronic Key Head Man is a game worth exploring. You will spend many hours putting your key head together to unlock the next door. Have fun and play FREE today!

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