3D character whose face can be stretched like rubber. Anti stress


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Oct 23, 2023

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Elastic Man GAME

It's a 3D face that stretches like an elastic band, allowing for hilarious and entertaining reactions.
With its unique features, this game provides a fun and engaging experience for players of all ages. This game's simulation will make you hallucinate.
Great for passing the time, interact with the character's plasticized face to create really funny reactions!
Very satisfying, several puzzle games.
Spin the spinner!
Now we have the stretchy thing!
There are many satisfying things for you to do, anti-stress, relaxing, fun things, enjoy and end stress.
throw the springy thing!
Very relaxing and funny!
To pass the time, and have fun with the elastic face.
have a good time.
Have fun spinning the spinner.
Anti stress.
Satisfying games.
Jeux Satisfaisants.
Satisfactory Games.
Befriedigende Spiele.
Giochi Soddisfacenti.
Bevredigende Spellen.
Удовлетворительные igry (Udovletvoritel'nyye igry).
令人满意的游戏 (Lìngrén mǎnyì de yóuxì).
満足のいくゲーム (Manzoku no iku gēmu).
संतोषजनक खेल (Santoshjanak Khel).
Michezo ya Kuridhisha.
by: D.L.
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