Electrical Cable Sizing APK

The App selects the size of cable for given load and given length of the cable.

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UpdatedOct 13, 2015 (5 years ago)
DeveloperTejwant Navalkar
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The calculations are based on standard electrical relations and can be used to size cables for default 415V Three Phase Systems (modifiable), for 240V Single Phase Systems as well as for DC Systems.

In addition to the two basic Inputs :
• Electrical Load in KW
• Cable Length in m

The App accepts the following :
• Insulation Type (XLPE or PVC)
• Conductor Type (Copper or Aluminium)
• Number of Cores (2C, 3C, 3.5C or 4C)
• Phase (Single Phase, Three Phase or 4-Pole)
• Whether cable is catering to Resistance or Reactive Load
• Whether Cable is Load in Air or Underground

The Calculations are guided by :
• Overall de-rating factor
• Power Factor
• Permissible Voltage Drop over the cable length

To simplify data entry, most of the common parameters are set by default. Hence, the user is mainly required to enter only two values, for cable selection.

Internally, the standard cable data for various cable sizes is stored, in a database, to assist the APP in selecting the suitable cable for the Application.

The final result gives the user :
• The expected current to be carried by the cable
• The expected voltage drop
• The Cable Specifications

The APP once downloaded on the Smart Phone, requires no internet connectivity to operate. Thus it is an ideal companion for Engineers at Site and on the move.

Email: tmndfx@gmail.com

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