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Electrolator Calculator for Engineer which helps in solving numerical problems.

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A necessary calculator app for electrical engineers, which make its easier for them in preforming electrical calculations more accurate and time saving. App contain:

Electrical Calculation App
Electrical Calculator App
Electrical Formula App
All electrical Formula
Basic electrical calculations
Transmission line calculations
Transformer calculations
Basic formulas
Unit conversion calculator
Resource library
Active power
Reactive power
Apparent power
Power factor
Power factor correction
Resistor sum
Capacitor sum
Inductor sum
Voltage divider
Current divider
Resonance frequency
UPS battery life
Primary secondary calculation of transformer
Max flux of core
Cross sectional area of core
Efficiency of transformer
DC distribution fed at one end
DC distribution fed at both ends
Ring DC distribution system
Star delta conversion
Power conversion
Length conversion
Voltage amplitude conversion
Sin cos tan conversion
Energy conversion
Temperature conversion
Pressure conversion
KWh and Ah conversion
Gauss and tesla conversion
RPM rad/s m/s conversion
Torque conversion
Data conversion
Angle conversion
Types of transformer
Types of inductor
Types of resistor
Types of capacitor
Types of fuse
Types of light
Types of diode
Types of circuit breaker
Formula wheel

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