New Electro Music Drum Pads. Free to play drumpads music & Make video sounds


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Sep 10, 2018
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Electro Music Drum Pads APP

New Electro Music Drum Pads Make beats and music with fresh EDM sample packs Use new pitch effect to make your beats even better! Watch tutorials from Drum Pads Crew in the Video & Tutorials.

High quality soundtrack and sound design style is like real with amazing vibration animation on play.

Electro Music Drum Pads Top design and imagination.

No.1 App for Electro Music Drum Pads. Free to play drumpads music & elctro pad sounds.

Electronic Drum Beat Pad 16 high quality studio sound. Discover your sound design like professional studio sound .

Play Electro Drum Pads is fun and enjoy the sound design. Download Electro Drum Pads right now and show your skills.

New Electro Music Drum Pads. Free to play drumpads music & Make video sounds. New FREE sound packs arrive every month.

Electro Drum is the great app to make beats and music on your phone or tablet with your fingers.

Electro Drum will make your music sound as a producer of popular EDM!

Play on the go and create music with electro drum pad and collaborate with friends!

Best App for Electro Drum Pads. Free to play drumpads music & elctro pad sounds.

Play Electro Music Drum Pads like professional studio. Electro Drum Pads works to create music and songs in different styles. A unique fresh soundtrack & sound design style is different.

Electro Music Drum Pads is easy to design and style of music. free fresh sound packs every month.

Join Electro Music Drum Pads, Create new music beatbox, make your own music maker and record music video.

Electro Drum Pads Applications, Discover your sound design style and enjoy the sound design.

What we have inside:
- professional studio sounds
- new fresh sound packs every month
- video and tutorials
- pitch slider bar
- new fresh design
- fresh free sound packs

Electro Drum Pads Features:
✔ Different types of high-quality samples.
✔ Make your own music tracks, train your finger drumming skills .
✔ Mix many sounds and melodies.
✔ Record the music you created.
✔ Support share to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Google+
✔ Totally 48 pads.
✔ Volume control, to diversify your music.
✔ Electro Drum Pads works even offline.
✔ Adjust all sounds with different volume as you like.
✔ Fade-in & fade-out effects, to make professional beats.
✔ Save all your beats & music with fading effects.
✔ Electro Music Drum Pads is free to download.
✔ Share tracks, beats, share music, share fun!.
✔ Most downloaded Electro Drum Pads app for android.

Electro Drum Pads music styles
* Dubstep
* drums
* Trap
* Hip Hop
* Electro
* Techno
* Jazz
* Drum
* Bass
* Loop
* Synth
* Percussion
* Melodic
* Lead
* wobbles
* mixer
* fade
* loops
* melodies
* Vocal
* bass
* kiks
* hip

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Download Electro Music Drum Pads and become a music maker.
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