Electrostatics and Electricity APK

Learner’s series application for Electrostatics and Electricity.

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UpdatedOct 25, 2020 (1 month ago)
DeveloperLearner's Series
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This title here in learner’s series application covers generally two important modules of college physics and those are Electrostatics and Current Electricity. Under Electrostatics module we tried to add almost all topics of static electricity, such as electric charges, properties of electric charges, coulomb’s law, electric field, electric field strength, electric field at various point charges, principle of superposition, electric lines of forces, electric dipole, electric field due to electric dipole, torque on dipole, electrostatic potential, gauss’s law and its applications, conductors and insulators, capacitance, capacitors and combination of capacitors and energy stored in the capacitors. Second module Current Electricity covers topics like electric current, current density, drift velocity and its calculations, Ohm’s law, electrical resistivity and conductivity, carbon resistors and color coding, combination of resistors , temperature dependence of resistance, kirchhoff’s laws, wheatstone’s bridge and determination of specific resistance and temperature coefficient of resistance. Both modules in this application almost covers all about electrostatics and current electricity. Students can easily learn each every topic with the help of pictures and simple mathematical expressions….Very helpful tutorials for students..

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