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Dec 7, 2022
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Elemental Ninja GAME

"Elemental Ninja" is a 3D action RPG mobile game masterpiece that gathers all ninjas, 100% orthodox restoration of the original character plot, and opened a legendary chapter in the ninja world! Explore freely in the beautiful 3D ninja world and build your own ninja team. Join other players in an exciting adventure story and relive the heart-pounding ninja battle. Friendship, love, justice, blood, wonderful stories and shocking moments are performed by you!

【Super popular ninja】
The classic characters are controlled by you. The game currently has more than 100 legendary ninjas (it will be multiplied in the future!), animations restore many classic characters, and thousands of special effects. Powerful and unique psychic blessing, mix and match at will, everything is up to you. A real ninja is unique!
【Ultimate Ninja Squad】
Recruit your favorite popular ninja characters, form your own super team according to the different attributes and formation positioning of ninjas, and use strategies to cooperate with each other! Team up with powerful ninjas and write your own victory!
【Automatically fight for you】
Log in to get super ninja partner, super luxurious start benefits. Hundreds of mounts to choose from and thousands of cool skins to use. Defeat bosses to get permanent fashion, mounts, wings and beasts for free!
【Various leisure and adventure gameplay】
In addition to exciting dungeons and competitions, there are also boxing, maze treasure hunting, hang-up rewards, tower defense, etc. You can choose from a variety of ways to play, just have fun!
【Real 3D Ninja World】
An open world for free exploration, top-level art production, and beautiful movie-level scenes! Full 3D free viewing angle, day and night alternation system, restore the ninja world in your memory. The cool skills explode the audience, and the gorgeous combos are matched with ultra-high critical strikes, bringing an immersive experience at your fingertips.
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