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Jul 17, 2023

Elementis: Battle Merge GAME

Hi Wanderer, and welcome to the ancient lands.

First of all, thank you for participating in the early access testing of Elementis: Battle Merge. In this version, you can battle with mobs in PvE/Story mode with other wanderers. In addition, you can have first impressions of the future state of the game by joining the privileged group in the test process.

Merge different elements to create new ones and defeat your opponents! Elementis offers a long-term experience through a fascinating atmosphere and a new type of gameplay. You won't want to leave your journey in Elementis: Battle Merge.

🏆 Improve Your Skills and Defeat Your Opponents
Elementis creates a brain training effect for all ages and offers a balanced difficulty with a structure that deepens as you learn. Remember, the power of elements is yours to control! Take a step into the ancient lands with exciting merge adventure game levels. Plan your combos, move, expand your item inventory, and level up.

👻Become a Master of the Universe with Your Wisdom and Power
In your journey, you will fight with other wanderers, aiming to defeat all of them to be powerful.

🎯 Tactical Depth
You can choose from six characters: Wanderer, Brola, Ventum, Kipki, Soho, and Korvo. Keep in mind every character has one special power. Tactical combinations and special powers are vital to your success. So plan your next moves and make the right choices to defeat your opponents.

📖 Unique Story
In addition to playing PvP mode, you can play in story mode if you want. You will have different tasks to complete at each level. In addition, you can encounter stronger mobs in certain parts of the map. It would help if you upgraded your character and relics to defeat them. With the natural magic of alchemy on your side, journey to the uncharted corners of the Elementis Universe…

🎮 Play Together
Elementis features an online play mode. You can play with thousands of other players from all over the world who are also trying to become the battle master of Ard. Utilize different strategies to compete with them. Remember that you must have an internet connection to play Elementis Battle Merge.

🌟🌟Important Information🌟🌟

❗️To get a username for use in PvP mode, you must reach a certain level in story mode.
❗️During the test process, PvP servers will not be open constantly. You can find which days and times will turn on PvP mode from the confirmation email or "Testing Grounds Discord."
❗️Your comments and thoughts are critical to us in the development process. So, we would be happy if you shared your comments about our game on our discord channel.

Discord: https://discord.gg/tfaPmg8Pc9

Merge elemental pieces, create different transmutation forms and defeat your opponents!

Try to become the battle master of Ard now.

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