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You just made a picture or short video and you want to instantly email it to the list of your friends - how hard is that? Well ... it is just a-click-away with this app! One click - one second - and it's over!
Apart from the obvious recreational cases, this application can be vitally important if you are an eye-witness of a criminal or dangerous act. You point-shoot-send in a second and even if your camera is confiscated, the picture is already gone and in the hands of the designated receivers.
Up to 20 pictures per day can be sent in free version. Email will be sent automatically to the recipient, if you currently have an Internet connection. If not, the picture or video will not be sent later.
In paid version the number of emails is unlimited and if you currently have not an Internet connection, pictures and videos will be sent automatically later, when it appears.
To use this app, there is a requirement: your email address must be a Gmail (, Yahoo! ( or Hotmail ( one, while the addresses of the recipients are unrestricted.
If you specify Hotmail provider for sending email address, no additional actions are required.
If you specify Gmail or Yahoo! provider for sending email address, you also have to set your Gmail or Yahoo! account to permit program access to it - otherwise access will be denied. If you do not want to allow program access to your account in Gmail or Yahoo!, you can create a new one, dedicated only for the purpose of sending pictures.
To set the sending email to allow program access to it, sign in to your Google email and go to the following link:

Click "Turn on" option.

To allow access of the application to your Yahoo! sending email address, just sign-in to your Yahoo! account and then go to the following link from a new browsing window:

Enable "Allow apps that use less secure sign in" setting.

Now you will have the advantage of your pictures and videos being sent from your own personal email address, rather than from a third party (often ending in the junk-mail boxes). Still it is highly recommended periodically to delete your sent emails.
You can perform these actions on a personal computer as well.
Prior to sending pictures and videos automatically, you must pre-specify these 3 things in advance:
- your email address in Gmail ( , Yahoo! ( or Hotmail (
- your email password,
- the list of emails you want to send the pictures to. These receiving email addresses are unrestricted.
Both the recipients emailing list and the sending email can be changed at any time. Sending pictures and videos may be terminated or restarted at any time as well.

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