Emerald Booster - Clean Phone Optimize Performance APK

Emerald Booster - Clean Phone Optimize Performance


Emerald Booster improves battery lifetime, cleans junk, drives phone performance


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Mar 31, 2022
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Emerald Booster - Clean Phone Optimize Performance App

One might often get into several common problems while using your phone:
- The battery is draining fast and you don’t have access to the charger
- The storage is out of space
- RAM Memory is full and phone is slow
- The storage might contain unsafe files for the daily usage

How do we help?

🔋Maximize Battery Lifetime
Emerald Booster uses a smart algorithm to identify the heaviest apps that consume phone energy and drain your battery fast.
Just in seconds you can hibernate these heavy processes, turn off background synchronization and device accelerometer, and reduce screen brightness.
All these actions can be done just in a single click so you don’t need to find them on your own deep in the phone settings! Isn’t it magic?

🚀 Improve phone and memory performance
The Hibernate feature gives you fast and easy access to all heavy running apps. You can control which apps to unload from active memory consumption and don’t worry of damaging any of them: we use strictly documented Android features to manage your memory in a smart way.
Now you can play games, watch videos and do social activities without worrying that your phone might be slow!

🧹 Clean junk and residual cache files
Emerald Booster will free up your storage space in seconds!
Delete temp files, heavy messenger cache, junk and potential malicious data!
Don’t worry: none of the sensitive data is touched and your storage is in a great shape to keep things that really matter.

🔥 Fast, Easy and Simple 🔥
Our user interface is so easy that even my grandma is using Emerald Booster while playing casual games! All the things are just 1-tap ready: click and you are done!

💪 and one more thing
We help your productivity by providing smart widgets, sending suggestions on app removal if there is something that needs to be cleaned and boosting phone charge if you turn on the power source!

Download Emerald Booster now and get the maximum productivity of your phone!
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