Emergency Landing Disaster APK

Mayday Mayday, FREE Emergency Landing Disaster! Realistic crash flight simulator

Version2.1.5 (25)
UpdatedSep 10, 2015 (5 years ago)
DeveloperDMT Source
CategoryGames, Simulation

Mayday Mayday! Prepare for trouble in the turbulent skies of Emergency Landing Disaster. Featuring realistic flight simulation for mobile. Now with 4 aircraft and free flight mode! Featuring music by Matthew Pablo.

Come rain or shine, these airliners are crashing. Hard. Can you land safely? No?! Well let's see how many pieces you can get to the airport. I'm sure it will be fine!

Ok... So it wasn't fine. But hey, with free missions and the biggest airplanes in the sky, who isn't going to enjoy Emergency Landing Disaster? I would imagine the passengers; we forgot about them again.

Use the on screen joystick, or tilt controls, to control the aircraft. Switch between Joystick and Tilt controls in the Option or Pause menu.

The goal is to land your airline as safely as possible and taxi to the rescue zone! The suggested virtual flight path for a smooth landing is shown in green checkpoints, but a safe, smooth landing is your only priority!

* 4 exciting aircraft in different scenarios
* Free flight mode with endless play
* Flight simulator with realistic aerofoil and control surfaces. You wont believe the flight realism!
* Realistic flight models! A physics based flight simulator made by pilots for pilots.
* Both joystick and tilt controls allow you to play the way you like.
* All content is FREE, no paid upgrades or in game purchases to slow you down.

*For perfect landings, you want to stall onto your back wheels. Bring the plane up to the runway and drop the throttle while slightly pulling back on the yolk(swipe and hold in the down direction). This will allow the aircraft to softly settle down on her rear wheels.

*Don't forget your surfaces! The Flaps and Air brake can be crucial in taking control at low air speeds. Additional lift and drag can do wonders when attempting to land smoothly and safely.

Remember. Anybody can just land a plane. But it takes a pilot to crash in style!...Wait, that cant be right.

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If you have any suggestions or comments please contact us, we hope to hear from you! DMT Source, LLC is an Orlando, FL USA, based developer. SoundFX by OpenGameArt.org. Music by Matthew Pablo, http://matthewpablo.com/.

Email: support@dmtsource.com

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