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Sep 6, 2022
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EMGS Mobile App APP

The app will allow students to:
1. Track their application status from their smartphone
2. Check the results of their medical screening on their smartphone
3. View their international student identification card (iKad) on the phone. Information to be obtained by using the NFC functions of the phone when touched to the iKad.
4. View their insurance card on the phone (if Insurance was received through EMGS AXA)
5. Find news and information regarding EMGS
6. Contact EMGS through email
7. Navigate to EMGS offices through the phone by following the inbuilt navigation function of the phone
8. Join the EMGS Connect Social media community where they can get connected to the latest information, events and updates. They also get to meet other international students here!

Intended Users:

The app is aimed towards all international students who have already registered to study in Malaysia through EMGS or are currently studying in Malaysia after having their application processed by EMGS. It can be downloaded and used by anyone who is interested in finding out information about EMGS but not all functions will be available.
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