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Oct 25, 2018
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Create a wide variety of Emoji's From your photos that you can share on Messaging apps and Social Networks.

Emoji Camera lets you create Emoji's using your camera. Emoji Camera lets you create Funny Emoji's, Angry Emoji's, Crying Emoji's and more.

Emoji Camera is easy to use:
1. Launch Emoji Maker Camera.
2. Make sure you look good in selfie camera or Switch the camera and make sure the person you are pointing at is facing the camera.
3. Take a Photo and we will show you face features including Emoji Style Mouth, Emoji Eyes on your photo.
4. Adjust the face features to fit your face exactly.
5. Create Emoji's and we will create 15 Emoji's in different styles.
6. Save and Share the Emoji's created with friends and family.

With Version2 we added new Features:
1. Add Emoji's to Photos .Decorate your photos with Emoji's turning them funny. We designed Emoji's to make your photos. Emoji's added include Animal Emoji's, Mood Emoji's including Laughing Emoji's, Angry Emoji's and Fashion Emoji's. Decorate Photos with Emoji's.
2. Share Emoji's - We added Emoji's for your share in messenger apps and Social networks directly.

Emoji Camera is the only app that lets you make Emoji's using your photos. Emoji Maker lets you create your own pack of Emoji's. Emoji Camera is the only emojis for android Maker app.
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