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Biometric, mobile Attendance App. Check Time, visits & location of Field Staff

Version5.5.3 (50503)
UpdatedOct 31, 2020 (2 hours ago)
DeveloperUbitech Solutions
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ubiAttendance App offers the surest way to track office & field employees time & Attendance with Selfie & location. Trusted by Companies in 50 countries! Shortlisted in Digital India App Innovate Challenge.

Now cutting edge touch less attendance through Face Recognition. Works even in offline mode or poor Internet. Enjoy 15 days Free Trial of the Premium plan. The Basic Plan is absolutely Free for 5 users.

Key Features
1. Quick Start: Just register your company. Add Employees& ask them to Clock In & Clock Out daily. Track employees time & attendance. Simple?
2. Facial Attendance Biometric Face Attendance with or without Facial Recognition. Track in 4 ways with User ID + Time + Selfie + Location
3. Touchless Contact less Attendance for "Work from Home" Employees. Time In & Time Out anytime, anywhere.
4. Track Visits: Track field staff visits with photo, location & time. Managers can check Attendance from anywhere in the globe - even when they are travelling.
5. Flexi Shift: Perfect solution for Employees with undefined Shifts – like part time helpers, work from home Employees, drivers etc.
6. Mass Attendance: Group Face Attendance works unattended. Admin can also punch mass Attendance, missed Time In/Out punches, overtime hours..
7. Geofence: Set up virtual boundary for Employees. Get insight on employees outside the desired location.
8. Restrict Device: Restricted Users can punch Attendance only with registered device.
9. Leave & Hourly Pay: Can be extended to manage basic Leave & Hourly Pay for calculating wages. Integrates easily with HR software.
10. Varied Industries: Works equally well for Construction sites, Factories, Security Agencies, Hospitals, Travel Agencies, MNC's, Service Providers.
11. Scalable: The App grows with your organization. Start with just 1 month's plan of a small group. Our Time Attendance App caters to business of all sizes - Start-ups, SMEs, Large Enterprises.
12. Configurable: Add/Edit departments, designations, shift timings, Week offs & holidays.
13. Hassle free: Unlike Bio-metric time attendance machines - No hardware, No Software, No office space required. Updates are free.
14. Highly Affordable: Budget friendly App. 15 days Free Trial. Our App is subscription based. Low investment risk. Start with 5 employees.
15. Data Safety: Employee data is fully secured on cloud - on top of the world AWS servers for quick retrieval.

Here’s how our App works
• Employee punches his time through Face/Phone /Email or QR code.
• The location along with the world clock time and selfie will also be captured.
• More than 40+ Reports to increase productivity every possible way. Track late comers, early leavers, absentees, employee’s overtime & under time, Client Visits with powerful reports.

Got questions? Contact us at ubiattendance@ubitechsolutions.com

What's New

- Geofence Functionality in Offline Mode
- Leave Management - Users can apply for leaves
- Shift Planner - assign different shifts for different days
- Flexi Time - With multiple time in/out

Email: ubiattendance@ubitechsolutions.com

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