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Version1.04 (5)
UpdatedNov 06, 2017 (2 years ago)
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DeveloperAnanya Datta


GOD: Grid Of Diamonds

Help the boy to unlock other five diamonds in the game. keep on playing by achieving the targets and unlock the diamonds.The new diamonds give high values. The grid full of diamonds always depends on your luck so keep playing until target achieved and unlock the new diamond.Grid of diamonds is not the puzzle game it is just a casual game Keeps on going. Best simple casual mobile game.This is not like match-3 game or puzzle where you don't have to use strategy. The game is just luck like casino games. The game is simply addictive and casual. The grid of diamonds is kind of time killing game in nature.

Grid of diamonds contains different color and different shape diamonds. The game is simple to play no need to think and play.just keep on trying and race towards unlocking diamonds. The game never ends it will be just keeps on giving you targets.overall 9 colourful diamonds in the game. And when cells unlocked grid looks beautiful. Similar to casino games keep on playing game until you win and play again next time for the same.

Enjoy the game with good graphics experience.
Addictive casual game keeps the has no limits.
GOD: Grid Of Diamonds gives good casual game experience.
If you have no life left or you want more life don't worry watch the video ad get 10 extra life.
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GOD: Grid Of Diamonds features:-

* Game contains 16 cells grid (4x4).
* Four pre-unlocked diamonds of Red, Green, Blue, Yellow colors.
* Five diamonds has to be unlocked by achiving targets.
* Game has Unlimited levels you can keep on playing.
* Game can be played offline.

Rules (How to play):

* Just unlock all the 16 cells.
* Each diamond value in grid will be added to score when it is unlocked.
* Every day 50 lifes will be added and maximum life you can have is 50. But by watching ads/ purchase you can add more life.
* Each level will have target respect to that level.
* Achive the target to go next level.
* Target is not related best score. Target is related to that level.
* Even though target achived all the 16 cell has to be unlocked to clear the level.
* It is Not multiplayer game.
* Please read the terms in the game will help to play.

Note: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow are pre-unlocked diamonds have increasing values respectively.

By downloading this game you are agreeing to terms and condition.

Terms and Condition:-

* Any loss of data can't restore.
* The game is still in the initial release after develop.
* The game currently dosen't contain life purchase will be added in future.
* All rights are reserved.

please provide feedbacks and comments to improve the game.
Share the screen shots of your game level and diamonds unlocked.

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(Hint: The diamonds will be unlocked in 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 level)

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What's New

Initial release of game - GOD: Grid Of Diamonds.
Game play Help is updated.
Performance improved.
Bug fixes.
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1.04 (5)Nov 06, 2017

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