How To Play Rush Wars And Is It A Fun Game? Were you hyped about the launch of Rush Wars and got slapped in the face by the region lock news? This article is here to heal the slap and tell you how fun the game is.

To start off the review, I would like to say that prior to this article (I am talking like a couple of years ago), I always frequented hardcore hack and slash, or battle royale games. Until one day, the adult life took over and I sort of started to get tired of the toxic community in some of those games too (and the exhausting long hours of grinding too). I am not going to name them specifically for obvious reasons, but I am sure you know which one I am referring to.

However, gaming is still an integral part of my life, so I started looking for something light-hearted with quick matches, yet still offer a sense of progress and strategic elements. That’s when I stumbled upon the news of Rush War launching and here I am with a review on it.
The game is bloody amazing!

A Review On Rush Wars (Apk Version Without Region Lock)

Country locked
In case you didn’t know, Rush Wars is country locked and unless you are in New Zealand or Australian, you won’t be able to start the app.
There are a lot of ways you can bypass this country locked feature to play Rush Wars. One of those is to download the region-lock-removed version here. This version is exactly the same as the one you download from Google Play store or Apple apps store.
Now without further ado, let the game review begin.

General gameplay
Basically in this game, you will be building and developing your own attack squad and raid other people’s gold mine.
Of course, other player’s gold mines would have a defense system to fight off your attack squad and you will have your own gold mine getting raided too. The difference between Rush Wars and most other mobile games though would be the quick gameplays.
I have played tons of PVP games in one form or another and up until now, most of them, would take at least 5 minutes for each match. That’s just the low end of the spectrum, there are some that could take up to 30 minutes per match.
Look, if I were still an underaged students with all the time I need, this is a “meh, whatever”, sadly I have got work and rent to pay. So these quick matches might seem underwhelming to some, but it is a huge “HELL YES” to me.
Naturally, the gameplay itself has several interesting and fun elements too, and I am getting into it. Who would play a short and boring game heh?

Attack squad
Since the game is fairly new, you wouldn’t be seeing hundreds of different features and mechanics, but the attack squad is the first one that you will be playing with a lot.

Also, I think it is also worth mentioning that I am not a pro at this game. This is simply a review on how much fun I had with the game. So, for veteran players who are, somehow, already top of the ranking scoreboard, if you see bits and pieces where I say the wrong thing, excuse me for being a noob. The game just launched, give me a break.
As far as my knowledge, there has not been designated terms for specific strategy or type of unit yet, so I will be making that up.
The goal is to destroy the other player’s attack squad defending base, so you will have different units carrying out different roles during the attack.
There are the shield carrying units which are obviously to protect the squishy units in the backline. The dude with a bazooka that can take down that tanky tower. Trooper dudes with an Uzi that act as fast moving units and many more.
Notice how I am not using their actual names in the game, because if you are reading my review, I am assuming you haven’t played it and don’t know their names anyway. So calling them with their general description is perhaps better.

Team composition
Since there are many units available in the game, so you probably have already guessed that strategy will be primarily based on the team composition. Simply put, which unit you choose and how you place them will be how you strategize against different mechanism other players put up to protect their gold mines.

The surprise element
What took me by surprise was that not everything will go as planned. The strategy you just come up with might backfire, while another team comp randomly placed in was actually the one that work.

The shield units might not move in the pattern that can protect the squishy backline, the bazooka dude might not wait but rush right in the enemy’s formation and so on.
However, that is what made the game fun for me though. Not grinding-focused, require thinking and tactics, and also unpredictable in its own way. That just about ticks most if not my entire list for a game which I need right now.

Defending the gold mine
We just talked about raiding other people mine a lot, so what yours own? Any fun aspect? Oh hell yes!
On the contrary to some other games in the same genre, Rush Wars gameplay mechanism for defending tower is actually not too shabby.
Simply chuck your most upgraded, strongest and bad-ass cannon might not protect your mine as perfectly as you expect. Use a mixture of hidden landmine, pathways set-up and whatnot to play with other players’ minds is quite fun. I also find it amazing when the other players manage to psychologically trick me too.

Time to Rush
Look, I can go on and on with why the game is quite fun to play, but you might doze off if I go any further with it. So why not download the game and try it yourself.
As mentioned (just in case you skipped straight to the gameplay review), Rush Wars is region locked, so downloading it on the usual Google Play store or Apple apps store might not work if you are not in Australia or New Zealand.
Down the game and enjoy!
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What's New

NEW AND IMPROVED Attack & Defense
• Every three battle boxes will give fresh troops to raid with
• Defensive troops refresh with each new Gold Mine
• 3 new MEGACITY maps
• Various bug fixes and improvements
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