Description: Subnautica - Survival Underwater APK

Version1.11 (11)
UpdatedApr 22, 2018 (2 years ago)
Release dateMar 15, 2018 (2 years ago)
Developermetalsoul games
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Keep yourself alive in the Subnautica - Survival Underwater Be brave and aware!

In the Subnautica you manage to escape after the explosive crash of a giant spaceship. From the very first minutes you’ll be terrified with this breathtaking turn of the story. And then you’ll dive underwater into the beautiful, frightening, unknown world of the infinite sea in Subnautica - Survival Underwater.
Beyond the safety of your life pod that is in danger, /survival/, an endless, various range of /aquatic/ biomes endowed with pacification and individuality awaits. From the shallow, turbid water plant forests to the surreal, flooded with sharks alien expance of the underwater vastness, the surprises haven't even tried to run dry as I waded to explore more and everything about deep /underworld in Subnautica. Along the adventure, I discovered many astonishing detours I wouldn't spoil for you.

In the Subnautica you can dive into:
- exploring infinite world of sea with map in Subnautica: Survival Underwater
- experience fearsome moments when you should fight for yourself with life-threatening underwater beasts or simply die!
- find peace and awe while watching for the enchanting underwater creatures Subnautica
- search and retrieve mysterious alien objects, instruments that can be useful for you in the future
- have the opportunity to discover strange, new creatures, capture your personal breakthrough in science!

Open the whole new world of adventures, unending sea with its’ entrancing animals, danger and surviving, discovering new items. Stay alive and discover with Subnautica - Survival Underwater!