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0.1 · Feb 28, 2020

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Version0.1 (1)
UpdatedFeb 28, 2020
DeveloperAndrey Vladislavov
CategoryApps, Sports

En Garde - Fencing Scoreboard app

The minimalist fencing director's companion.

En Garde!
En Garde is the first fencing scorekeeping app built with a focus on simplicity, design, and ease-of-use. Tired of juggling a stopwatch, pencil, and clipboard all while directing an important bout? En Garde shrinks all of those tools down into something you can fit into the cup of your hand. I realized the need for such an app when my coach approached me at a tournament he was directing asking me how to use the scorekeeping app he had just installed. It was too convoluted and busy to be used for a tournament, as were the alternatives, so En Garde is simple, easy to use, and designed with the referee in mind.

Stay focused on the bout
When you're directing an intense bout, you don't want to have to think about anything besides the bout. You already need to keep your attention on so many different things--why add another? En Garde lets you devote full attention to the bout thanks to haptic feedback, audio cues, and a large hybrid display-buttons. It displays a toast message every time you perform an action, so you know exactly what you just did. You can even undo your previous actions to correct for any mistakes!

 • Large timer and score indicators.
 • Clean UI showing only the most important information.
 • Fully featured penalties and cards.
 • Undo recent actions (FIFO ordering).
 • Tap indicators to interact (e.g. tap on a score to add a point, tap on time to start/stop the timer).
 • Timer stops when score is added, card is issued, or any blank space is touched.
 • Haptic feedback (vibration) when timer is paused or resumed, allowing focus to remain on the bout.
 • Alarm at the end of each period (turn your volume up).
 • Automatic minute break between periods.
 • Automatic priority when necessary.
 • Show or hide the 'double touch' button for different weapon modes.
 • AMOLED black mode: conserve battery on devices with AMOLED screens by changing the background color to true black.
 • Crash free and ad-free!

Please see En Garde's GitHub page (https://github.com/AndVl1/EnGarde) for more information.

This app is an update of original En Garde app by Ethan Madison

Email: and.vladislavov@gmail.com

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