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Endless Shapes Switch Game APK

The new and most challenging Tap to jump ball and pass through switch shapes

Version2 (0)
UpdatedMar 27, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperUrasa games
CategoryGames, Arcade

The challenging endless shapes switch game with endless scores and gems. There are hundreds of challenges to complete about get scores of points and gems. Endless opportunity to gain points and gems and complete challenging task. The shapes contain the holes to pass on it and gain points. The ball is control by tap to jump and move upward to pass the shapes hole. The ball must not touch the shapes and if touches the shapes then game over but there is endless possibility to continue if you want.
There is hundreds of challenges to solve and earn new challenges about to get the points and gems. The challenges is mixed , some are easy and some are very challenging to solve. The challenge description is located in main menu and the description tell us about what challenge is needed to be solve.
Every action in the game is under full control of you and control is very smooth. The control of the ball is pressing the tap and ball get jump in certain amount of distance .Every time the distance is same and you need to tap multiple time to pass through the shapes hole.
The score is based on how many shapes you pass and gem collection is based on the shape, if the shape contain the gem then you get the gems and jewels. There is endless number of gems in this game and you have opportunity to get more score and gems. Also you can able make high score according to higher score you can get it.
The shapes switch game is based on the different types of shapes and The shapes generation is continues and each shapes contain the holes in it when pass through the hole and then new shape is generated.

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