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Energy Ring - Galaxy S10 Battery indicator APK

Energy Ring Galaxy S10 displays the current battery level around the camera

Energy Ring Samsung Galaxy S10 displays the current battery level around the camera lens. This is the latest application in 2019 and is completely free to users.
Energy Ring only for Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 S10e and +.
Add Round energy can configure the camera lens around said current battery level. Going into the various configuration options, not only you can quickly flip through and get information about the battery, Energy Ring also add accents to your camera lens.
The ring will be wrapped 360 degrees around the front camera lens. Batteries show all z also

download applications to experience the latest version and Free Energy Ring.

The salient features of the applications using:
- Simple design is convenient for the user.
- Safe when using.
- Compatible devices Galaxy s10, s10 + Galaxy, Galaxy S10e.
- Round of energy have some animation interesting when plugged power your devices
- Round of energy that can be configured from a width of 1 pixel to within thick donut
- Energy Ring's direction can be configured as clockwise / bidirectional / anti-clockwise
- Energy Ring can be configured to change colors tự phụ thuộc on the live battery level
- Energy Ring puts almost 0% load on the CPU, as it wakes up only to reflect any change in battery level
- You can Literally assign any color in the world for your favorite configuration
- Energy Ring could have a mono color / multiple color segments / gradient
- 100% Free App.
-Energy Ring not read any announcement yet, it only relies on it to live. Rest assured that the application does not access anything.

But battery power consumption.
- Energy Ring than anything understand that you need to use efficient battery (after all, that is why you install apps, right?).) Round of energy located on the screen silently download near 0% for the CPU, if the battery change, energy Android wake Cycle. When she woke up, the Energy Ring quickly update and back to sleep. And to become more efficient, Ring will sleep deeply as you turn off the screen, meaning that it did not even read the battery level changes when the screen is off.

Thank you for using our app.
This is the first version of the app is not official but it works efficiently and completely free.
We will update and add new features update further.
Please leave comments to us at


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