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App English daily. The app includes the vocabulary of the English language as much as a hundred words. Is designed to allow you to speak English with a vocabulary that is used most often to confidently and quickly. The app is easy to learn English. Have fun and enjoy Is designed for those just starting to learn English, you learn English in a short time. The terminology is in use daily. The app has been very popular and is known as apps and easiest way to learn English, you can practice speaking and writing in English from function to read. So you can pronounce it correctly. You will find that English is easier than you think. Offering specialized vocabulary and phrases used frequently in conversations we have developed a vocabulary list "10 The phrase, first you need to know", "50 a phrase first you need to know" and "100 phrases that you need to know" is. foundation essential vocabulary For beginners to learn the language quickly. While the students with skills in the middle can step up to learn the terminology commonly used for tourism and business. This will allow them to start a conversation in English within one month. The students with skills at a high level, you can choose a studio, a speech technology resolves accented pronunciation of the students to be more.

Features of the app
# Every English The word is clearly pronounced by native speakers. Through high quality audio files
# Pattern language that makes you feel like it's very easy.
Lesson # Read pinyin designed especially for beginners learning English.
# 100% free, no charges of any kind.
# With the text Thailand English and read aloud
# The system will enhance the ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.

The app is suitable for all ages, especially children load better. The foundation of the English language that can be applied in everyday life as well.

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And many more are included in the app is downloaded for free at the other.

Email: bunyapandon@gmail.com

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