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English Grammar Book offline and English learner offline to learn english.

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English Grammar Offline and English learner offline
Best English Grammar practice app
Offline English grammar
English learner offline
English Grammar book
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English Grammar Book offline
English grammar/ English learner is a best English grammar app. It is made for seeking grammar, now grammar comes in your smartphone just simply need to download it. You don't need to carry any grammar book more. You can get help from it anywhere and anytime. As everyone knows the need of grammar in our lives, grammar is a basic backbone of any language. If your grammar is good you can speak or understand any language, so by keeping these in mind we made a grammar app of English language. That will helps you to learn and know English grammar. It will help you to increase you English with respect to grammar. Now English learning would become easier after using this.
English grammar book is a complete english grammar, English grammar 2018 is good to learn about the Basic english Grammar, Basic english for beginers,
best app to learn english and you can learn english using mobile this is a latest english grammer app
grammar book
English Grammar Book offline

English grammar/ English learner contains complete grammar package with full detail. You can learn grammar from it within few time, test level will helps you in knowledge testing. You can test yourself that how much you learn or how much knowledge you have. This app contains different kinds of sections; we made this section according to their specifications. There are total five sections madden that are shown on main menu of this app. They are explained as below with respect to their order
- Lesson section; this section contains different types of lessons. You can select any lesson from it and get to know about it fully. Every sub section is described with respect to their definitions, examples and other all types of helping items that helps you in your learning process.
- Practice section; this section will helps you to practice in different sub sections. Just select and start practice.
- There is also a test levels for testing purpose. You can test your knowledge through this section that how much knowledge you have. It is just like quiz, you have to do that within particular time. At the end results are shown to you, errors can be checked and can be made correct.
- This English grammar app will also have a study plan. This study plan section will helps you to manage your study with respect to time. By following this study schedule you can learn grammar faster. As a result your English learning and speaking will become more efficient.

This dictionary app is totally free. You don't need to spend any money further to buy a grammar book. Just simply download this app and get benefit. Beside of this this app also has a positive point that it works completely offline. You don't need to connect internet anymore for its working. It will work completely offline with more advance and superb features. It is very simple and easy to use, there is no such complexion are madden in this app. It is simple, free and easy in use.

Features of English Grammar learner (offline)
* Pure formal interface
* Very attractive and eye catching graphics
* Helps to increase your grammar very effectively
* Lesson section will helps to prepare and understand different lessons
* Lesson section contains all basic grammar definitions and their use
* Tells proper definition with parts of speech (noun, pronoun etc.)
* Helps to understand proper definitions with full examples
* Practice section will helps you to do practice in much basic grammar
* Also contains test levels section from where you can test yourself from it
* Also contains study plan; that will helps you to plan study for learning grammar
* It works totally offline; no need to connect to any network
* Easy and simple in use; it is totally free from complexion
* Totally free!

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